domenica 8 novembre 2009

hooks theory, to erpes

during the winter, actually at the beginning of the autumn, in geographical places where the climate is very humid (sic full of humid), environmental conditions are perfect for the headache birth. Here we want to talk about an unusual headache that you can easily describe trough the image of a lot of hooks litterally hooked up at the base of the head, just at the end of the neck, where hair starts its covering. the higher is the point of the hook penetration the worser is the pain. there are no particular remedies against "hooks". personal cases are very different. it is admitted that, in male patient, ejaculation (what ever is the method used)can reduce the intensity of hooks pressure and, as a natural consequence, the pain. there are no significant effects of anti-inflammatory drugs. in some cases, it is admitted that thc therapy can give the illusion of unhooking the hooks but, on the other hand, it is so dangerous because it can increase the pain after the thc effect. so, if you want to avoid this possibility, you have to keep the thc level at a certain standard level until you are reduced at a double electrons brain. of course life style has a preminent importance in the chances of pathology appearing (alchool, biorhythm regularity, sexual life, friends' intelligence, "home salubriosness", dealer and so on) . in the worse cases, "hooks" go with temple razor-blade that, at the time of the present essay, are still something of unknown.

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beautiful theory my friend.....I just wish I understood what the fuck you were saying !!!!

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